Friday, January 30

Friday Finds: Some Pinterest Fun!

 Today's "Finds" are some amusing pictures from my Pinterest "Stuff I Like" Board:

This one with the kid on the phone about the cooties just cracks me up!

Then there's this:
How to Get the Most Out of A Photo Booth:

And For Some Geeky Fun...
How About This: It Does Exist!
...with a bit of clever photo shopping...a Stargate.

Or This...A Time Traveler's Convention!
(The Delorean's are a reference to "Back to the Future" & the blue police box, a Dr. Who reference...for those who don't know.)

And Finally This...
Who doesn't want a photo of their Groomsmen being chased by a Jurassic Park T-Rex?

We attended a friends wedding at condo recently and, for fun, the bride walked in on the Star Wars ending Triumphant March.
I think a bride walking in on the Darth Vader suite would be funnier!  :)
If you were going have a fantasy wedding themed on a movie, TV show or comic now, what would you choose? 
(I think, at this point in time, if Hubby and I were just getting married, we'd go for a Pirates of the Caribbean theme!)

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