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Mama Kat Thursday: Sleepwalking

Have you ever walked in your sleep?
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Actually, I have. More then once. In this particular experience I'm going to share today, I do remember the details of my actions, but I remember them like an observer. It was like my conscious mind was just a passenger, watching what I was doing in a vehicle being driven by my unconscious.
Perhaps it's because I'm a lucid dreamer by nature. Lucid dreamers are aware they are dreaming.

When we were kids, my two younger sisters and I shared a bedroom. It was a large, spacious room. I slept in a full-size double bed and my sisters had the bunk-bed. Now this bunk bed was not your average store-bought type. This bunk bed was a huge, heavy wood one constructed by our Dad. The mattresses for it seemed a bit wider then your average single-size mattress, so they were plenty roomy.

I had a penchant for wanting to sleepwalk myself into the lower bunk bed. In this particular instance, it was younger sister sleeping in it. Perhaps I was cold and that was my motivation. I don't recall.
What I do recall is becoming mentally aware of what I was doing as I was walking around the end of the bunk bed. I clearly remember looking through the wood ladder on the end of the bed as I passed it, on my way around to the far side, putting me in in what was technically my younger sisters "corner" of the room.
 (We each had a portion of the room to call our own.)  
Lifting the covers, I started getting into her bed with her. 
She suddenly sat up beside me and asked, "What are you doing?"
I remember answering, "I don't know."
She replied, Okay," then we both lay down and fell asleep.
Sometime later, feeling incredibly warm, I woke up and realized with a start that I wasn't alone: I was in bed with my sister. Looking to my side of the room, I saw my own bed, quite empty.
Hastily, I hopped out of her bed and back to my own.
It's a funny memory that often gets retold at family get together's with much laughter.
Luckily, my sleepwalking as a kid was pretty limited to just a couple episodes of getting in bed with a sister.
Later in life, however, long after I was married, I did wake up to find myself standing in our clothes closet a couple times, but that's a story for another time.
So, have you ever done any sleepwalking?

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Emily said...

I should have done this prompt because you reminded me of my sleep walking incidents! I was a waitress as a teenager and found it very stressful. I used to sleep walk in my room with my hands out as if I was holding plates! I would wake myself up when I bumped into a piece of furniture or the door. So weird!

Diana Davis said...

My mom tells a story about my dad sleep walking and believing the closet was the bathroom. She recalls him calling out to complain why is all this laundry draped around the toilet! Luckily, he came to his senses before he caused a mess.

Morgan Cartwright said...

I have never been a sleepwalker, but I do have lucid dreams where I think they are actually happening and some of them literally freak me out and make me question when I do actually wake up. Our brains are amazing things.

My youngest son is a sleepwalker. He used to get in bed with me and not remember how he got there. He now moves from room to room upstairs. Mostly I find him on the couch or large chair in the front room. He doesn't go far, thank goodness.

kelley jensen said...

ha ha--the clothes closet. You will have to tell that story.

Mama Kat said...

"What are you doing?"..."I don't know" lol! I'm dying! I'm the sleepwalker in my family too!

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