Monday, December 19

Good Eating Monday: More Favorite Holiday Baking!

Looking for something to new to try for this years Christmas or New Year's Party?
Then here's more of my favorite recipes for the Holidays or anytime!

A unique delicious coffee flavored cookie dipped in a mocha glaze, then, if desired, also dipped in finely ground hazelnuts!
A vintage recipe from 1978!

A unique & delicious coffee-flavored & pecan filled bread!
Also a vintage recipe from 1978!


Orange Dream Cake!

A yummy moist orange-flavor bundt cake perfect for the Holidays! 

This label recipe comes from the Paradise Candied Fruit company!

M&M Blondies!
Moist bars with just a hint of peanut butter flavor, this recipe is a great way to use some of those M&M's Santa brought!

So what's your favorite Holiday baking treat?

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