Thursday, June 8

Mama Kat Thursday: Some Days....

There are some days when this quote is wholly appropriate. 
A good number of years ago we had a young Air Force guy in our Bible Study group. He was about 22 and during the Bible at the Airman Center on base, I'd often see him suddenly shift from sitting upright on his stool to hanging over the top of the stool on his belly and turning the stool top in a circle with his feet. This was partly to keep himself awake. After a long day on the job he just found it too hard sitting still.
There was one time, though, when he was at our house on a Sunday evening for the Bible study and he didn't have work for an excuse. Right in the middle of my turn to share, he suddenly threw his hands up in the air and slid down in his chair, practically sliding out of it, so his head and shoulders were on the seat---pretty much like a 5 year old.
And right in the middle of me speaking. Was I that boring? I was totally incensed. 
That's when I put "my hat on" and in my sternest parent tone said,
"You sit
 up straight in that chair right this minute and I never want to see you that again!"
He shot straight up in his seat like someone had ordered him to attention and never ever did any of those sorts of childish behaviors ever after that. Not at the Airmen Center and not at my house.
If he felt tired and didn't want to see, he'd simply stand at the back of the room.
He also did apologize. 
We still know him. He lives in the area and we see him often. He's around 30 now and, of course, he matured into a well-rounded fellow.
There are some days with these Air Force youngin's, either I or Hubby have just had to "put the hat on."
So, what's your favorite quote this month?

This post was based on the "Share a Quote," prompt from Mama Kat.
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Morgan Cartwright said...

That made me laugh. I'm glad he started acting age appropriate after that!

KatBouska said...

Haha! Well you taught him!!

Sublime Dream said...

HA! I love this! I am an AF vet, and my husband is still active duty. I worked with so many of these young fellows, lol. Now when I see them I kind of chuckle.

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