Thursday, November 29

Mama Kat Thursday: Sparkle!

Welcome to Mama Kat Blog Prompt Day! Today's challenge is:
"Write a post... that somehow incorporates the word: Sparkle"

Everyone Deserves to SparkleI LOVE sparkle, glitter and glitz! I'm always attracted to sequined outfits and rhinestone jewelry.
That's why I have so many brooches and clip earrings adorned with rhinestones!
But I didn't become actually addicted to wearing flecks of glitter on my person until after I'd worked a Christmas or two at a flower shop! During December we'd use tons of glittery things to accent Christmas arrangements with and I'd come home with my face and clothes literally coated in glitter---attracting such remarks as, "how sparkly I looked," or "how glittery my face was." I sort of liked that. Then I heard the line Tim Allen said on the "Santa Clause" movie about "elves having glitter on their cheeks"---and I was hooked. At the flower shop I'd deliberately shake the sparkly stuff on me, since I thought of myself a "floral elf" making everyone else's Christmas joy!
Alas, my glitter habit was only seasonal until I discovered I could buy a pot of "body glitter," so I could sparkle up year round! I also always have sparkly nail polish. My current favorite is a clear, pink-glitter polish by Jordanna that also has tiny pink hearts in it that I can paint onto my nails! I prefer lotions with luminance, eye shadows with a hint of sparkle and, when I picked out my new winter lipstick this season, naturally I chose a plum color with iridescence.

Yup,  I admit it. I'm a full-blown glitter girl! And not only am I addicted, I've become a "pusher" and have gotten my friend, Megan, addicted to wearing it in every possible form, too!

Ah, the joy of sparkle.




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Headstrong Damsel said...

Be careful, I have hear sparkle referred to as the herpes of the craft world lol.

But then again, everything is better with sparkle

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