Mama Kat Thursday: Something New I'm Trying

The Mama Kat prompt topic today is:
 "Write about a time you tried something new."

For a gardner, "trying something new" is a life motto.
I'm know I'm always have some sort of gardening experiment going on!
I currently have two new garden somethings underway:

My Suckers in a Pot
#1)  I'm trying out growing a new tomato plant from a pair of suckers I snipped off my older tomato plants, which haven't really thrived this year. 
My hope is a fall harvest of tomatoes, perhaps on a happier plant.
I saw this idea of growing tomato suckers on Pinterest and thought, "Why not?"

Sweet Potato in My Potato Bag
#2)  I bought a "potato bag," for growing a potato in, on sale from Park Seed earlier this spring that I was determined to use.
My efforts to get a red potato to sprout failed. (Though, the buggers sprout often enough when I don't want them to!)
Not to be deterred,  I put a sweet potato slip in water, rooted it, then planted that in mid-June.
Here it is in the potato bag in the photo above.
The bag has a see-through velco window for accessing the underground tubers, particularly for regular potatoes. 
I've never grown a sweet potato before, but I've discovered it delightfully easy and beautiful--since it blooms lovely lavender flowers!
I think I may have to have one every year.
(Picture of a sweet potato flower here, in yesterdays Garden Pic Blog post!)
So what was the "new thing" you've tried this year? In the garden or anywhere.

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TMWHickman said…
Sweet potatoes? I would love to be able to grow those! My plants usually get attacked by bugs just when they get something going, and I get so frustrated about that. Maybe I'll try a sweet potato this time...
dbkeimach said…
That sweet potato blossom is beautiful! I can't wait to see how the planting turns out.

Something new this year....rather than go someplace for vacation we were familiar with, we headed to the North Woods of Maine. And fell in love with a whole new world :)
carol daniels said…
I love sweet potatoes. Now, I'm going to have to plant one of those in my garden next year. Bonus.. the vine and flower on them is beautiful.
Anonymous said…
I tried some small-scale gardening last summer and I think I had beginner's luck. This year? Not so much. Nothing will flower and my herbs look just ... blah.
I also took this prompt this week - helped me start writing about quitting my job to work for myself!
DontSayHurry said…
I started a new garden project too.... i need to finish, haven't planted anything yet! :(
KatBouska said…
I've never heard of growing potatoes in a BAG before! Brilliant!
Laura said…
I love growing sweet potatoes! They are incredibly easy, and I always tell me non green thumb friends to start with them. And you're right, the blooms are very pretty.

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