Garden Pic Wednesday: December Blooms

   Welcome back!
   I'm sitting here with a cup of coffee and a snack size Mounds bar. (My favorite!) My husband got me one of those boxes of 8. I keep them in the freezer and have one after lunch, maybe every other day or so, depending on what I eat for lunch.
I've discovered coconut milk creamer and love that in my coffee now! Only about 5 calories for a cupful and so full of good-for-you stuff!
(It doesn't taste like coconut!)
We had a good rain the past couple days and today I went around with my watering can of Miracle-Gro just now to the broccoli and various blooming or bulb flowers.
I have ever-blooming southern strawberries that like to start blooming now, but I've decided to nip their blooms thru January, because the berries only freeze.

For pictures today I have broccoli, red saliva & button mums!
First up, because it's so Christmasy colored, is red Saliva!
This one is in a front bed pot. There are 2 pots, both with one.
Those pots also hold Dutch Iris, Daffodils & Amaryllis, which currently
only have greenery up.
I have another 2 in a bed in back.
Here, these die back at frost and come back from the root generally.

My nice broccoli!
And finally, yellow button mums!
(You can make out the
purple button mums I just added this fall in the upper right corner.)
Here, mums will bloom both fall and spring. That means clipping their stems down to the base twice a year.
Mama Kat's Blog Prompt Challenge tomorrow! 


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