Banana Thursdays: Mars "Flower" Comments

The Mama Kat Options weren't of interest to me, so today we're just going to have some humor.
This picture of a guy in Klingon costume, on the left, with the sign is clever!

 I have funny user comments on an science news article about "scientists puzzling" over a somewhat flower-shaped "quartz" appearing grain of sand in a photo from Mars Rover.

*  Scientists are mainly puzzled over who thought it looked like a flower......
*  Its a rock. Still no life yet.
*  If they want to find life on Mars, they could try looking on a Friday or Saturday NIGHT!
*  A Martian spit out his gum.
*  They are trying to find intelligent life on other planets, when they should start here.
*  That's where I lost my earring...
*  Alien candy wrapper.
*  I'm positive that it is that piece of gum I once tossed in the air and it never came down.
*  Perhaps someone at NASA should call FTD or 1-800-FLOWERS to see what they think.


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