Garden PIc Wednesday: A Flowering Shrub

It's cool, but sunny today. After a work out at the Y, I did a "pine cone patrol," picking up and bagging the numerous cones scattered about, which let me get 20 minutes of sun in.
 I don't bend over to do this task. I use one of those grabber-sticks you can't buy in the handicapped supplies section, which works dandy for the job. I just carry a bucket around and drop them in. 

Yesterday I snipped one of my clumps of Pampas grass very short. Four more to go. This helps control it and assures all fresh growth. Otherwise it grows fresh up thru the dead grass and looks really ugly.

A lady,I know from exercise classes at the Y, brought in some branches of red Christmas cactus for me today, which I put in water to root. My plan is to add these to my pot of white cactus, so I"ll have one side white and one side red this next blooming season.
The Garden Pic today is of a the yellow blooming shrub I acquired several years ago from the flower shop I used to work .

That flower shop was actually on a nice piece of property that included an extensive garden with a stream in back and lots of shrubs. The flower shop had a back portion that was a residence, where the woman who originally owned the flower shop used to live. She would get up and walk around to work. Convenient.
 By the front drive, there this yellow flowering shrub you see pictured and I snipped a piece to take home and root. Well, it rooted. Unfortunately, I have no idea what it's called.
I keep it pruned and it has a draping habit. This specimen, if let go wild, can become a tree.
But that's true about many shrubs---they only stays shrubs it trimmed.
There are a set of Red Top bushes across the road from me that have long been let go and are trees now

If you know what this shrub is called, please leave a comment!
I'd love to know!
(It is definitely not Forsythia.)

All for today!
Come back tomorrow to see what surprises Thursday holds!


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