Good Eating Monday: Seasame Seeds

I read a recent bit of food-hysteria "baby carrots being saturated with chlorine before being bagged," in a post on my husbands Facebook.
I say, "It's always a good idea to get the facts."
 So, since I use Green Giant Cut Baby Carrots, I wrote the Green Giant Corp. to ask about chlorine levels in their washing process.
First they reminded me their company policy is to get produce as quickly from field to freezer as possible.
So here's what they said specifically about the chlorine: they run their peeled baby carrots through a single quick water wash before bagging them and that wash water contains LESS chlorine then your own tap water in your sink.There's no second dipping in chlorine and no coating them with chlorine as someone said some brands do in that Facebook posting.
Just one straight rinse off and right into a bag.
No preservatives used.
So, I feel confident just eating Green Giant Baby Carrots right out of the bag.
(If you use another brand, do inquire. Other companies may do things differently then Green Giant.)

Today's Good Eating topic is Seasame Seed!
Seasame seeds are rich in gamma-tocopherol (vitamin E) and phytosterols, which block absorption of dietary cholesterol.
Plus they're good roughage in the diet.
Seasame seeds need to be roasted to bring out their nutty favor , but  they're easy to buy already roasted in a shaker.
(That's what I buy.)
They come in white or black, but color doesn't matter nutritionally. You can use either, though black makes a showier garnish.

You can also buy Seasame Oil.
Seasame oil has the same good-for-you qualities as olive oil.
Plus, it adds a terrific nutty flavor to cooking
 It's also quite strong, so just a little dab will do ya. Just use 1/4 tsp.
Ways to Get More Seasame Seeds into Your Life:
*Sprinkle on salads, soups, steamed rice.
*Sprinkle black & white seeds on deviled eggs.
Add roasted seeds to steamed garlic & spinach.
Sprinkle on top of vegetables, like green beans.
*Add a tablespoon of roasted seeds to muffin or quick bread to increase whole grain value of the dough.
*Garnish the tops of muffins or breads with roasted seasame seed, either color or both.
*Use seasame seeds instead of breadcrumbs on pan-fried chicken.
*Sprinkle onto baby-back ribs during last few minutes of grilling, right after you've applied barbeque sauce.
When I make gyoza, I make a dipping sauce of white vinegar & lite soy sauce combine in small, individual bowls, each sprinkled generously with seasame seeds.


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