Good Eating Monday: Fav Breakfast Sandwich

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I've been amazed by how many fast-food sandwiches heavily feature bacon, which makes for a huge addition of calories on a sandwich already calorie rich with special sauce & cheese.
Plus what's with adding this pile of french-fried onion straws that are little more then fried grease?  Just a more fat and calories.

A good suggestion I read was, if you want some bacon flavor on your burger or baked potato at home, buy a bottle of Real Bacon Bits and add 1 level tablespoon, which is only 25 calories. 
Today's Good Eating topic is my favorite breakfast sandwich
that I make at home.Usually for lunch on Friday or Saturdays.
Items required:
Thomas English Corn Muffins (1 muffin per person being served)
Soy Breakfast Links, any brand ( 2 links per sandwich)
Eggs (1 per sandwich)
Salt, pepper, herbs as desired.
Preparation:*Warm up your English muffins as you like. Mine are usually frozen, so I microwave them 1 min, then split.

*Put breakfast links in hot frying pan sprayed with oil cooking spray. Being soy, they cook quickly.
Brown on one side, then turn & brown the other.
*Since I'm only making two sandwiches, I just push the links to either side of the pan after turning, adding my 2 eggs in the middle.
It's best to fry the eggs hard (no runny yolk) for sandwich purposes.
Add salt, pepper and a sprinkle of herbs such as thyme or oregano is tasty.
Cook egg on both sides till cooked through.

Putting the Sandwich Together:
Arrange fried egg on one side of English muffin.
With a knife, slice links lengthwise, butterflying them so they'll lay flat on your sandwich. Arrange two butterflied links on top of egg.
Top with other half of English muffin.

I like the Thomas English Corn Muffins because they happen to add a delicious maple flavor to the sandwich, but feel free to use whatever of English Muffin your prefer.
The virtue of using soy breakfast links is they're lower calorie and a tasty way of getting a little soy protein into you're diet without sacrificing flavor. My husband loves eating this sandwich!
They're also good cut up, mixed with scrambled egg and put in a wrap with a bit of shredded cheese.
Eat up, me hearties, yo-ho!


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