Garden Pic Wedesday: Fireworks Grass

Today I was working on a set of wooden shelves that I had stained some years ago, but had never finished the project. So, I decided to finish them.They needed a second going over with walnut stain  and I sanded down their edges to give them a slightly worn look.
Tomorrow I'll but the Tung Oil on to give them a nice polish.

While I was out in the garage with door open working on that, the garage company guy showed up to look over our garage door opening, which is the first step to getting a new one.
Our existing garage door is in desperately needs replacing!
But things have changed a lot about installing garage doors since we replaced ours 12 years ago. Insurance requirements have changed considerably. Since I live in Florida, garage doors have to be wind resilient. The interior frame for mounting it will be re-done.  Every piece of hardware, including the spring coil has to be replaced. And the price includes a costly little permit that is now required.
Things sure do change and get complicated!
Today's Garden Pics I have for you are of two recent additions:
My red grass in the large pot garden out front died over winter, so I needed to replace it. It wasn't labeled when I bought it before, so I never knew actually what it was called. This time it had a tag.
It's called "Fireworks Grass."
Such a cool name and so pretty!
It makes pretty red tails when it blooms.
I had something else die last year: one of my Plumbago shrubs kicked the bucket.
So I bought a new of those, too. It blooms clusters of baby blue blossoms, like the picture below, and is part of my "collection" of blue flowers.
It's a shrub common here in the south, since it prefers temperate to tropical regions.

Come back tomorrow to see what Mama Kat's blog prompt will be!


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