Garden Pic Wednesday: Pink Petunias

The garage door people called yesterday to schedule a time to install the new garage door---which caught me completely off-guard! I wasn't expecting to hear from them for a couple weeks and thought that because the guy who inspected the garage opening said it might be 4 to 6 weeks.
The good news is, "Yay, we get the door tomorrow!"
The bad news is, "Oh goodie, now I have to clean up the garage!"
So, that's how I spent the last 3 hours. I needed to clear the area near the door opening and under both slide rails, so the installers can get to everything. My cluttered metal shelf of garden tools and all my various bags of garden soil, lime and weed & feed were sitting right up front, right under a slide rail, so all that mess had to be moved!
I don't know about you, but moving things around to give the garage floor a good sweeping just doesn't happen often and I figured if I'm doing a little, I might as well do it all.
(Single car size garage--so not huge.)
Today's Garden Pic is of my pink Petunias.
What's interesting about these petunias is I planted them late last spring. They didn't really do well last year, but managed to winter over as a diminutive clump of green in this pot, then started to flourish this year!
When I came back from Indiana, I found them spilling over the pot!
I find petunias perform better in a pot and they're certainly easier to maintain that way, since you need to pinch off old blossoms. I also selectively nip their growth tips, where the little future buds are, to encourage more mounding, so they won't get long and leggy.
They also benefit from mildrew treatment--at least here, where it's so rainy & humid. They tend to get sick from mildew.
All reasons why I only have a few petunia's in just a few select pots.
They can make a good spiller or filler in a pot garden!
Come back tomorrow for Mama Kat Thursday!


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