Mama Kat Thursday: Favorite Table

 The Mama Kat Blog Prompt topic for today is:
"Give us a tour of a room in your house you love."
For me, I love the furniture in my dining area more so then the actual room
per se.
So, I decided to show you a photo  of my dining table, which is a solid oak butcher-block table and my "corner cabinet" behind it.
Each piece has it's own story and both were acquired our first year of marriage, when we were setting up our first apartment.

We came upon the oak table and chair set on weekend when driving by an old restaurant that had been turned into a fly-by-night furniture outlet in Maryland and decided to stop in for a look.
We needed a dining table and I hate glass tables, which are fragile and show every smear and finger print. I like real wood. It's warm and durable.
So we decided on this rectangular butcher block table, since we wanted to have adequate seating space for dinner guests and purchased it and it's 4 chairs for a mere $400.
Since then, it's been my sewing table, dining table and game table for the past 30 years and only needs an occasional wipe with furniture oil to keep it looking good.

Now the corner cabinet in the background was a "bent & dent" type find at JCPenney's on sale for $30. The frame, interior and doors were solid pine, though the upper cabinet doors had broken orange plastic "windows" and the backing was just a cheap press-wood type thing.
Before we married, I had just spent my summer working as a set- hand in college summer theatre and had learned a few tricks to fix it up, so we bought it. We also bought a couple sets of pretty flowered pillow cases on an off-white background for me to use to fix it up with.
One set of pillow cases I cut and sewed into a set of gathered curtains to replace the broken plastic in the upper doors. These were stapled into place.
The other set of panels I used to cover the press-wood backing visible between the upper and lower cabinets.
For this, I cut two pillow case panels to size, then sealed them into place with a half-and-half mix of water and white Elmer's glue. First I painted glue-water on the backing, then applied the pillow case panel, then painted over top of it with more glue-water, permanently sealing it into place.
That cabinet presently holds various sorts of decorative glassware and is a great space saver, since it fills a corner.
With that, our tour comes to an end. Thanks for stopping by!


I love your table! I have a big, solid oak trestle table that I bought from a friend for $100 about 25 years ago. It doesn't fit into the more formal dining room I have now, so it is in the basement, being a jack of all trades down there.

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