Friday Finds: Cosplay!

First trivia question:
 Have you ever dressed up in a character costume to attend a comic or other type convention?
I have. Once.
It was my dream to attend a Star Trek Con and in 1989, I got my chance. I was a part of a Star Trek Club at the time and wore an Original Series costume to the convention.
(Command gold shirt with black pants and boots.)

This dressing up thing is called "Cosplay" (costume play) and I find pictures of what people have accomplished fascinating.
According to a friend of ours who is goes to many conventions, there's good prize money to be had for the costume contests.
Here's some Pinterest picture finds of some amazing Cosplay examples:
 A Loki cosplayer taking a coffee break in a very good look-alike costume:

Some people do animation charactors: Here's a good one
of Astrid from "How to train Your Dragon":

Some people have a strong enough facial resemblance to the characters they wish to portray they can really pull off a really good look-alike, such as this
Iron Man cosplayer:

And last, a Wolvie:

Second Trivia Question:
If you could dress up for a convention, who would you want to go as? I mean, ideally?
My convention going was satisfied at the Trek Con years ago, but I told my hubby, if by some strange occurrence I were to go to another, I'd want us to dress up as Stargate SG-1 team members together.


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