Garden Pic Wednesday: Coneflowers

You know how people decorate bowling balls for the garden? 
We inherited a free bowling bowl from a military guy who was moving away, one that was useless because it was cracked between the finger holes. Having seen in Pinterest bowling balls turned into gazing balls with silver or chrome paint, I decided that's what I wanted to so with this one.
I was working on it today. It takes a couple hours of spraying, waiting, spraying, waiting, spraying & waiting to get a good look.
This project will be next Wednesday's post feature.

Today, though, I have Coneflowers!
Relatives of the common daisy, their formal name is "Echinacea."
They are a great flower for dry, sunny garden spots and bloom profusely from spring to fall. Also a great flower for bees and butterflies! 

Below is one of my Coneflowers with a small iridescent
 Green Sweat Bee on it:

Coneflowers are perennial and will grow back from the roots year after year, bushier and bushier.
Mine originally came from a packet of mixed "wild flower seed," and just stayed.

I ordered a packet of Coneflower seed for my Mother a couple years ago and here's a picture of her with her beautiful Coneflowers grown from that seed:

Hers is large and showy!
I gathered some seed heads from hers last fall and have
about 4 starts in my garden that are just leaves right now.

You can obtain Coneflower seeds from any garden catalog in a variety of colors: light & dark pinks, oranges, lavenders, yellows and greens and also in single or double petal heads.
That's it for today! Come to see what's up for Mama Kat!


I loved the photo of your mother. She seems so proud of her coneflowers. Thank you for sharing at Green Thumb Thursday!

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