Thursday, June 2

Mama Kat Thursday: College Days

The Mama Kat writing challenge today is a "College Memory."

After 4 years in the Air Force, I decided I was ready for college, so I was older then most of my fellow students, who were right out of high school. My first semester of college was in the fall 1980. The year John Lennon died.
That alone sent a memorable wave of grief over the school population.
I was enrolled in a 2-year Commercial Art program. It was a small country college. The class wasn't big. Maybe 20 students in my graphic art classes. I remember this one guy was obsessed with the band "KISS" and, anytime he could, he made them the center of his art. He was apparently great at drawing KISS; less great at anything else.

My instructors were both commercial artists who'd worked in the field before becoming college teachers. Brad Rock was one of them. He was new that year. A blond, forty-ish guy taking on a room full of greenhorn artist wannabe's.

One day that first semester, Mr. Rock announced there would be a class meeting for all his commercial art students at 7 p.m.
He failed to mention what that meeting would be about.
I had other commitments and really didn't care about a "class meeting," so I didn't go.
Turned out that was a big mistake.
I arrived at art class the next morning only to learn I'd was now the newly elected art class club "President!"
I was appalled. I told Mr. Rock I didn't want to be President!
"Then you should've been at the meeting," he replied without a trace of sympathy.
I was stuck.
The sad thing was, I knew perfectly well the only reason I got "elected" was because none of my fellow students wanted the job and it was easy to foist it on me, since I wasn't there to refuse.

The funny thing is this all I remember. I do not remember anything about my "Presidency."  I don't recall doing anything. Not even one event. I guess it was a bland term of office.
I'm pretty sure the "art club" idea didn't last, since I don't recall any meetings for voting in "new" club President!
I certainly would not have missed that!

What's the weirdest thing you remember from your college days?

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John Holton said...

The reason there wasn't another election is because they made you President for Life. Even though you got out thirty-some years ago, you're still President of the Art club. Didn't they tell you that? XD

May said...

What is that saying....The world is run by those who show up...? Maybe it should say by those elected by those who show up!!

Morgan Cartwright said...

So pretty much the Art Club was the one meeting that they elected you president? :)

Carol said...

What a cruel way to be elected to a position you never wanted. Serves them right! I think there is a lesson to be learned here. At any rate, I hope your college days in art were worth your time and effort and you are enjoying the fruits of your learning.

Mama Kat said...

So funny. I would have been thrilled to pass on the presidency baton to the kid who didn't show up. But I'm glad our US President is chosen that same way!

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