Friday Finds: Thanksgving Slow-Cooker Cranberry Wonder Sauce

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, I've pulled this wonderful recipe for "Wonder Cranberry Sauce," from a previous Good Eating post that's fantastic for cooking a single Turkey breast or several thighs or legs--or any meat or roast that will fit in your Slow Cooker!
It makes fabulous gravy for your mashed potatoes, too!
For how to slow-cook a whole roasting hen, go here. Just add the wonder sauce & cook!

Thanksgiving Slow Cooker Cranberry Wonder Sauce

Just 3 ingredients:
1 15oz can jellied cranberry sauce, any brand

1/2 cup Italian dressing, any brand
1/2 cup LIGHT cranberry juice, any brand or cranberry combo, like apple-cranberry, etc

Spray slow-cooker with an oil spray. Salt & pepper whatever meat you're planing to cook and arrange in your slow-cooker.
 (A large oval slow-cooker can accommodate a roasting hen or whole turkey breast.)
In saucepan: combine jellied cranberry sauce, Italian dressing & light cranberry juice over medium heat. Chop up cranberry sauce and stir until all melted and hot.
Pour hot sauce over your meat in the slow-cooker. Put lid on and set for either high or low, depending on what you're cooking and how long you want it to cook for.
The original recipe suggested 8-9 hours on low for a turkey breast.
Pot roast is usually 5-6.
See you Monday for more Good Eating!


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