Garden Pic Wednesday: Autumn Marigold!

Today I was doing a little yard clean-up. The ground is thick with pine needle and I used the mower to mulch as many as possible and dump it in various beds, especially around shrubs.  The rain garden in particular, needed pine needles cleaned up.
I only got half done before time to come in.

So the Garden Pic of the day is this shot of a Dwarf Marigold in my front bed.
They make good fall color all the way to hard frost here.
The flowers on this one are especially pretty and rusty red is my favorite color, so I'll be saving a few of it's seeds for next year. No doubt, many others will spring up on their own as they always do, but having the extra seeds is a good back up.

That's it for today! Stop back tomorrow for Mama Kat!


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