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Mama Kat Thursday: Top 5 1974 Hits!

I was well into my teens before I first started really listening to popular music on the radio. That was around 1973-1974. Those were the days of vinyl records and D.J.'s still were polite on the air.
I didn't really have any favorite artists. Still don't. I just don't have a mind that remembers artists by name, but I do remember songs.
That was 43 years ago, however, so I had to review a Top 100 Hit List for 1974 to recall exactly which songs where hot that year and attach an artist to them!

So here's my nostalogic list of my favorite radio hits from 1974:

#1)  The Streak by Ray Stevens
A hilarious song making fun of a trendy 70's craze to strip then run through a public place or event butt naked, called "Streaking." 
I remember a seeing photo in the Indianapolis newspaper of a naked white guy "streaking" the Indianapolis 500 track back then.

#2)  Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield
This was a fabulously beautiful, yet still kinda of creepy instrumental theme from the movie Exorcist. A Top 40 Hit believe it or not.

#3)  Nothing From Nothing by Billy Preston
A clever song featuring good math. It's presently the opening theme on a movie called, "Sahara," starring Matthew McConaughey, so I'm reminded of my youth whenever we watch it.

#4)  Tell Me Something Good by Rufus & Chaka Khan
Written by Stevie Wonder. There's just something appealing about the style and beat of this song I just always liked.

#5)  Takin' Care of Business by Bachman-Turner Overdrive
A kicky upbeat tune about getting out of the daily work rat-race to be self-employed as a musician. Classic rock at it's best!

So, what was your favorite song as a teen?
If you don't recognize any of these tunes, you can find them easily on You Tube!

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Carol said...

The Streak is a song that totally sticks in my mind. It was quite the era, wasn't it! I remember when that song came out. I was in Jr. High at the time. A boy, from my school, got on a motorcycle one day and streaked up and down the road in front of the school. Quite the scene! From there on out, we saw plenty of "streakers"!

Jennifer said...

1974 I was just being born ;) I am going to have to listen to some of your music. I don't recognize any of them. So Now I have something to do.

KatBouska said...

Now those are some great classics!!

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