Friday Finds: Your Duty Is Done

I was very touched when I read this inspiring story on Good News Network:

This elderly gentlemen, Lawrence Silk, served 3 different tours of duty in Vietnam. Now 84 in a memory care home with dementia, he wakes up everyday haunted by a need to do his duty and ship back out for war and is constantly upset his care-givers won't let him go.

His family reached out through social media for a military official to visit their father and give him some kind of commemoration for his past service to try and put their Dad's worries to rest.

Air Force Lt. Colonel LaFrazia, who served in Mr. Silks same Vietnam squadron, heard this and offered to visit Lawrence. He gave him a Certificate of Appreciation from the Air Force, a USAF Civil Engineering Badge and also Challenge coins from Prime Beef and Red Horse units for his service as a combat engineer in order to reassure him his duty was finished and his service honorable.

Col. LaFrazia givng Lawrence his Certificate of Appreciation.


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