Garden Pic Wednesday: Giant Swallowtail

Just to let you know, Hurricane Irma had no effect on the whole western end of Florida Panhandle where I live.
 The weather was beautiful for the most part--and cold! Temps dropped to 62 F with a feel of 52 F!  It was chilly, but fantastic!
 On Monday, we only experienced light showers and gusts of wind.

Unless you live here, I suppose it's hard to grasp how big Florida is. The the north border runs under most of Alabama and all of Georgia. That's TWO states! That's a lot of square miles!
So, when the media said, "Irma was approaching the Panhandle," they really ought to have been more specific to say it was the Eastern Panhandle, at the curve point, that was being approached.
The media's lack of geographical clarity on this point certainly caused those living far away who love us unnecessary worry.
Today's photogenic garden moment is a Giant Swallowtail visiting one of my Zinnias!
I planted a Rue shrub on purpose for these, since all Swallowtails are reputed to like it. So far, no Giant Swallowtail caterpillars.
They're quite large and flashy, being all black with a double row of bright yellow spots!


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