Garden Pic Wednesday: Sea of Marigolds

This morning I spent a couple hours updating search tags for my various Zazzle products in my store. Those are what help shoppers find what their looking for.  Better tags = more views.
Then lunch, then outside to work.

My veggie garden has turned into a sea of Marigolds:
You can see a Gulf Fritillary Butterfly enjoying them.
I planted for the sake of the tomatoes that drowned in too much rain, but the Marigolds live on. Their roots are supposed to kill off nematodes in the soil, so it could be a good thing.
I'll pull them up after frost.

This Weeks Project: Enlarging the Back Bed
This bed is in the back corner of my yard. It's under trees and I've left it a sort of natural, woodsy state. It's full of vinca & liriope ground covers, daffidils, day lilies and shrubs here and there. A good fringe of grass was growing along it's border, crawling into this bed, while on the other side, was a huge bare spot. Typical. I decided to simply enlarge the bed a foot rather then fight to make grass grow. I've been moving grass that was out of place here, to other needy locations elsewhere. (Grass here is tenacious crawling grass, that sends out runners from a  clump; I just dig up the clump & transplant. With it dry right now, it comes up easily.)
I have native day lilies to move along this border, plus several very young Mexican Heather shrubs and a pink lantana I intend to plant here.
I just work on it a little every day. 

I have a dead area elsewhere that's benefiting greatly from all the grass transplants!


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