Wednesday, October 18

Garden Pic Wednesday: Fall Red Salvia!

This is the time of year my Red Saliva recover from the heat of summer and put on a show until it freezes!
I have lots of orange Marigolds and pink & yellow 4 O'Clocks adding brightness to autumn, too!

Today, I planted that Dwarf Butterfly Bush that came in the mail recently. I also moved a Bridal Veil shrub to a new spot, since it wasn't doing well where it was.
Hopefully it will take off and really look good there! 
Bridal Veils bushes have long arching branches that get covered with small, white flower clusters in spring, thus giving them the name.
I also moved planted a pink Lantana I hadn't gotten around to planting until now and moved several small volunteer Mexican Heathers. Both the Lantana and the Mexican Heathers are along the new edge of the back bed I enlarged slightly.

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