Garden Pic Wednesday: Spring Cheers!

A week ago, we drove to Indiana. The trees were still bare and it was winter. On the way back, the further south we drove, the more spring-like it became. Leaves were starting to fill out on trees. Flowering trees were in full bloom! Some sort of white flowering fruit-tree-gone-wild thickly decorates vacant fields along the road. (Pear?)  Pink Redbud trees! Dark red Bayberry shrubs. Patches of Daffodils gone wild on hillsides around the road!
All very springy.

Before we left, I did get this pretty shot of some my Cheers Daffodils! 
They're clusters of tiny double daffodils with a fragance like baby powder. A extremely dependable bloomer every year!

Also, along the drive home I did get this one shot of a Red-Tailed Hawk. 
It was no easy trick, but it's a fair shot considering how far away I was standing. I had my telephoto at max.
This was our 5th try I think. If I tried to walk closer, they'd notice me, since they have keen eyesight, and would fly away.
We'd see them perched on fences, trees and power-line poles over-looking the open farm fields all along the highway from Indiana through Alabama.


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