Garden Pic Wednesday: Pink Pampas Blooms!

Last week I posted a photo of my white Pampas Grass blooms.
This week: Pink!

The Pink and White are parallel, on either side of this part of the yard, which borders my neighbors property.
The White is taller.
They're so pretty in autumn!

We had our annual termite inspection with the company we've been with for years and years and we got a clean bill of termite free health. It's pretty much an essential here in Florida.
 It's one of those "ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," sort of things.
One of our neighbors across the road hadn't been with any termite program for years and just few weeks ago discovered unpleasantly that the whole front wall of their house by the front door and the adjacent garage wall on that side so infested they had to have them completely replaced all the way to the interior sheet rock---all at their own expense.
Luckily, our neighbor next door knew a structure repair person, who's doing the work for them at a reasonable price.
But what a mess.
Anyway, that's the excitement in my neighborhood.


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