Garden Pic Wednesday: Julia Child Rose

A Photo of something new I added to my front bed this year: a  "Julia Child" rose.
This shot is from earlier in spring, but it's continued to bloom. It's a yellow rose that often blooms in clusters of 2 or 3. It's a floribunda with full, well petaled heads. It's presently in a growth stage for a fresh round of blooming. 

 Among my 4 O'clocks, this peppermint colored one is one of my favorites.
It's usually a mix of white fushia-spattered blossoms and solid fushia blossoms. I found a young one and moved it today back to the area near the Night-Blooming Jasmine.
(Here in the South where the ground doesn't freeze, 4 O'clocks become perennials, returning yearly from root.)

Finally, my newest garden addition: a gardening kneeler/seat.
It's pretty cool. It can be flipped this direction to sit on or flipped upside down to serve as a kneeler and the legs become handles to help get up. It's padded on both sides. It folds for storage.
 I found it at Garden Supplies online.
I thought it would save me some repetitive bending over. I used it today while cleaning up an area of flower bed and it was nice.
I have a couple longer-handled hand garden tools as well.


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