Garden Pic Wednesday: Magic Dancer Daylily

Today's Garden Pic is one a first bloom of one of my new hybrid Daylilies.
It's called "Magic Dancer"
It's a bi-color, which means 3 petals are a darker and 3 opposing petals are lighter in color. It was somewhat cloudy when I took this shot, so the light made it take on more of a pinkish shade to the camera, but to the naked-eye, it's really more on the purplish side.
It's classed as a "re-bloomer," so I'm looking forward to seeing it again later in the season!

Magic Dancer is one of 3 new fancy color lilies I've added to my garden in the past year.
Over the years, I've lost a few of my others. The roots either just age out or disease gets them sometimes. 
I try to pick "rebloomers," so I can enjoy them twice--so if you're buying daylilies, looking for that.
The Night Beacon Daylily out by the mailbox, which is a rebloomer, has fresh bloom stalks up right now!

Thursday is Independence Day, so I'll be taking the day off from blogging. Have a Happy 4th!


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