Monday, April 28

Good Eating Monday: Frozen Convenience Food Favs!

Greetings my excellent friends! Last week of April!
We had the good time at our retreat this past weekend (April 2014) and there will be pictures on Thursday this week as a "place recently visited" topic for Mama Kat!

For today's Good Eating I have some frozen convenience food favorites to share, because sometimes we all just something quick and easy to fix for supper!

Cheesy Kielbasa & Broccoli
A super easy meal: just buy your boxes favorite mac & cheese, enough for the number you're feeding.
Make up the mac & cheese in pot large enough to accommodate both the pasta & later the Kielbasa & veggie.
 Cut up a head of broccoli, put in a large frying pan or wok & saute. While that's cooking, slice up your favorite flavor Kielbasa & add it to the broccoli. You can also add chopped onion or minced garlic if you like. Once Kielbasa and broccoli are hot, add to the mac & stir in until well combined.
(If you're not a broccoli fan, you can substitute any fresh or frozen veggies you prefer.)

 Quick Veggie Pasta & Meat Meal:
This recipe uses a bag of Birds Eye frozen Pasta Secrets and any left-over meat you have on hand or you can use a sliced Kielbasa or a Jimmy Dean Crumbles.
 Each Pasta Secret includes a sauce pack inside.
(I find these bags usually need more veggies added. Let's face it, manufacturers are skimpy on the good stuff.)
So in a frying pan, add some chopped onion & saute. (Also green bell pepper might be an option.) Add your cut up left over meat, sliced Kielbasa or pre-cooked crumbles to onion, then add your Pasta  Secret and sauce pack to pan plus whatever amount of water the directions say to add.
  Also add another cup of frozen veggie you have on hand: corn, peas, peas & carrots, cut green beans, lima beans, etc. Cook according to directions & serve.
(I figure 1 bag per 3 adults being served for a healthy helping.)

A Side of Mrs.T's Pierogies!
Ever had these? They are delicious. They're like mashed potato & cheese ravioli or dumplings, Polish in origin.
Have these instead of the usual rice or potatoes with whatever entree you're serving.
Just heat according to directions on the box.
Eat up, me hearties, ho-yo!

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