Thursday, January 5

Mama Kat Thursday: My Top 12 Blog Posts!

The Mama Kat prompt choice I'm doing today is list of my,
 "Top 12 Blog Posts for 2016!"

Drum roll, please....and the winners are:

#1)  My most popular post ever with 566 visits:

In search for the perfect Ramen Salad, I combined ideas from several Pinterest recipes to come up with this gem! 
It's a great summer side I use often!

#2) With 114 visits:

  I wrote this as part of being on a guest blogger link-up about how, I a woman over 50, got into blogging. 

#3)  With 89 visits:
 My Favorite Cat Quotes!

A selection of my favorite sayings about cats!
Inspired by a Mama Kat prompt.

#4) With 88 visits:

A recipe given to me my a friend that uses ripe bananas & sour cream!

#5)  With 82 visits:

This is a recipe from a collection of muffin recipes from Country Crock I mailed off to get years ago and is a great recipe for those Bran Flakes or Wheat Chex in your pantry!

#6) With 79 visits:
A recipe from a fellow food blogger I follow on G+ that I tried out and really liked!

#7) With 77 visits:

Remembering 7th Grade!

A journey down memory lane back to 1970 when I was in 7th grade inspired by a Mama Kat prompt.

#8)  With 67 visits:

Slow Cooker Velveeta Mac & Cheese!

A Pinterest recipe I tried out that was very good.

#9)   With 65 visits:

Assorted trivia about Coffee.
Inspired by a Mama Kat prompt

#10)  With 60 visits:
Slow Cooker Asian Beef & Vegetables!

Another recipe from a fellow food blogger friend in G+ and, by far, one of the best slow-cooker recipes I've ever tried!  Tender & slightly sweet!

#11)  With 58 visits:
My life and times growing up in rural Indiana! 
Inspired by a Mama Kat prompt.

#12)  With 52 visits:

My view of life as a work-at-home graphic artist!
Inspired by a Mama Kat prompt!


If you missed any, just click the links back to the original post!

Thanks for Visiting!


Marcy said...

Wow, the Ramen Noodle Salad looks really good, and so does the Mediterranean Chicken. Happy new year

Morgan said...

The cat quotes :) At this moment, I have a meow named Maggie sitting half on top of my head. Ramen Salad is sooooo yummy! It's one of my favorite salads. Can't wait to read your upcoming posts in the new year!

May said...

I can see why the ramen noodle salad post was so popular. I will be trying that!
I too am an over 50 blogger. Sisterhood.
And those sewing patterns. I remember those looks like it was yesterday. My sister was the seamstress at our house. She made groovy outfits like those for herself and for me!

KatBouska said...

I love that you did these in order of most viewed! Makes me want to go look at my own! What a wonderful array of topics too!

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