Thursday, December 15

My Most Embarrassing Moment

     It happened at a small, 2 year college in southern Indiana. I was at the Student Union building. It was morning. I had to go to the the bathroom. Now the thing to understand about this Student Union building is it had 2 sets of restroom facilities, one on either side. However, they were juxtaposed. On one side, the Ladies Room was first; on the other the Mens Room was first. I normally went in and out on the side where the Ladies room was first, but this particular day, I was on the opposite side of the building and forgot to think of that when I chose a restroom. I just blatantly walked into the nearest without even thinking where I was. It was empty.  I just walked into a stall. When I came out, I went to the sink to wash my hands. Still, I saw no one else. Lifting my eyes to the mirror to check my hair, I suddenly observed a row of urinals lining the wall behind me and thought, "That's funny, I never noticed those in the Ladies Room before." Then it dawned on me. I WASN'T in the Ladies room. This was the MENS ROOM!
     I turned and fled, red-faced with embarassment back into the hallway. The hall was as empty as the restroom had been, so, luckily, I escaped this little faux pas without anyone seeing me. 

*Write a story from college was this weeks prompt*


Reviewer11 said...

Yikes!! :O What a relief no one caught you. I enjoyed reading your story, B. :) Great job! And what does "juxtaposed" mean? I'm amazed at how much you know about words. Hope you get picked for this week's Mama Kat's picks.

Mama Kat said...

That is hilarious!! I can just imagine how mortified you were the MOMENT you brain registered those urinals! Hahaha...makes for a good story now though!

Reviewer11 said...

Wow, a comment from mama Kat! :O Congrats. Yup, a really good story. Thumbs up **

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