Wednesday, November 21

Wednesday Pics & Mama Kat Prompt!

Conveniently, one of this weeks Mama Kat Prompts is to share photos of "What Fall is Looking Like In Your Neck of the Woods!"
Plus there's another prompt to share "A Favorite Thanksgiving Tradition."
So today you're getting a 2 for 1: fall garden photos AND a tradition story!
(Since I'll be taking Thanksgiving off from blogging!)

First, a brief favorite tradition story:
We lived way out in heavily wooded Hoosier countryside with a creek running through our extensive bit of property and visiting that creek was a favorite past-time for my 2 younger sisters and I.
There was always something to find or explore there.
One year, while down at that creek, my middle sister, Janie, found this neat piece of "driftwood." It was a weathered piece of tree trunk about 28 inches long and 7 inches wide or so. It was wide in the middle and narrowed to a point-ish shape at either end. It was flat enough to rest easily on a surface as well as artfully grooved from untold time being thrown about by the water and a gorgeous deep brown in color.
Janie decided she wanted to turn into a table centerpiece, so we hauled it back to the house. She scrubbed it up, removing any lose surface debris or rot, then our Dad drilled 3 holes suitable for putting candles in and she finished it off with a couple coats of clear shellac.
From then on, that "driftwood candle holder" served as our dining table centerpiece tradition ever after--for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.
That plus a pair of tall, decorative glass kerosene lamps placed at either end served as our annual table decor.

Next: Photos of Fall in My Neck of the Woods!
Since I live on the Florida Panhandle, fall here isn't quite like other places! I have some orange & yellow, but still lots of pinks and lavenders---until we get a hard frost, but that may not be until January.

A single pink Gladiola that took a whimsy to bloom this week and a cute little lavender Shamrock blossom in the middle of rust colored Dwarf Marigolds!
That Glad blossom, by the way, is now presently in a tall slender vase on my kitchen counter for Thanksgiving!

And last, but not least, a photo of the Thanksgiving arrangement currently on my dining table that I put together from garden flowers:
Some Coleus stems, 2 large Black-Eyed Susan's & some Dwarf Marigolds.

Hope you have a delightful day of feasting wherever you are!


Carol said...

The flowers are beautiful. You are so lucky to have them around until January.

Gracie O'Tripp said...

Beautiful flower photos. I live in Texas and the hibiscus flowers are blooming more now than in the summer. Such is southern winter.

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