Garden Pic Wednesday: Zebrina Pendula

Or, as this houseplant is more commonly called: Wandering Jew.
I believe in another earlier Garden Wednesday post I ought to photograph mine before cold weather does it in, so here it is:

Don't worry. I clipped a vase-full of trailers to keep indoors over winter, then in spring I'll replant it right here and it will start over. 
I've been recycling it this way for years. 
It blooms, In a past Garden Pic Wednesday post, here, I featured one of it's little flowers.
Wandering Jew makes a gorgeous table arrangement during winter, too!
That's all for today! Stop back to see what's up for Mama Kat!


Kimberly said…
That is absolutely gorgeous! We used to have that plant in our house until my little guy could walk. He plucked every. single. leaf. off of it when my husband was watching him! Key word "watching"...rather watching the football game. I tried to get the plant to grow but it never did. I really want to get another. They're so pretty.

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