Monday, July 16

Welcome to Good Eating Monday: Cinnamon

Today's topic is another common cabinet spice: Cinnamon!
The number one benefit of Cinnamon is it can lower your blood sugar levels. A mere 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon a day, daily is enough to do the job with regular use.
*It is noteably helpful for Type 2 Disbetes and in testing Type 2 subjects daily cinnamon intake of the above amount in 6 weeks resulted in a 27%  decrease in fasting blood sugar. A reduced level in bad and total choresterol and triglcyerides was also shown.
So getting more cinnamon in your diet is a win-win for everyone!
[*cited from Healing Spices by Dr.Bharat B. Aggarwal]

Ground Cinnamon
One thing we do, is when we're making coffee, we shake cinnamon onto the grounds before turning on the coffee maker! This can be done with either plain or even flavored coffees---the cinnamon really enriches the taste! Basically it's the cheap-mans way of having flavored coffee! And it's a quick way to add cinnamon to your life!
We  know a couple where the wife is Swedish and, according to her, Swedes are BIG coffee drinkers. She'd make one of those big silver 24 cup urns in the morning and drink it all day! When we told them about adding cinnamon, she started adding cinnamon to their coffee and has ever since!

Suggestions For Getting More Cinnamon into Your Food*

*Add it to stews or lentil soups
*Sprinkle onto apples, bananas, melons or oranges.
*Mix cinnamon, mint & parsely into ground beef for burgers or meatloaf for a Mediterranean flavor.
*Combine equal parts of cinnamon, cardamom and black pepper and rub it onto pork tenderloin or lamb
*Add cinnamon to rice pilaf. (You can also add raisins & pinenuts for a Turkish flare.)
*Add cinnamon to your hot cocoa drink
*When boiling tea-bags for ice tea, throw in a cinnamon stick for Greek Iced Tea.
*Add cinnamon to any baked good you're making whether it calls for it or not: muffins, breads, quick breads like banana or zucchini, cake mixes, pies, pie crusts, etc.
*Add it to Pancakes and your egg dip for French Toast
*Add it to spaghetti sauce for a Greek flare
*Add it to any recipe calling for cocoa. Cinnamon enriches the taste of chocolate.
*Have a slice of cinnamon toast for a snack
Of course, you know it's in pumpkin pie!

Eat up, me hearties, yo-ho!

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Hilda said...

That's interesting. My mom told my family and me that Cinnamon helps those who are low in red blood cells. She has made us hot cinnammon tea when we were weak and it helped us get stronger again.

And what a coincidence, I just had a chocolate shake with a sprinkle of cinnamon on top. Yummy! :P

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